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My name is Les Phillips, I am a writer and photographer.  I retired from technical writing after 35 years in the profession. Now I pursue what interests me most; the human condition, environment and science, politics, and any bright shining thing that catches my attention.

My blog Every Picture Tells a Story is sporadic journal of my take on life in the early 21st Century. I maintain it when the spirit moves me.

Anti-Artist’s Statement

To me, most artist’s statements are over worked and opaque to the average viewer, of whom I consider myself.  Waxing poetic about negative spaces representing the alienation of the middle class, or some such, is slightly interesting. But I think that the work’s title should provide a clue of intent. The artist should get out of the way and let viewers concoct their own experiences.

With my photographs the viewer is welcome to build whatever story or meaning they need, to understand what I’m presenting.  As my blog title says, Every Picture Tells A Story and it’s up to each person to tell their own story.

Copyrights and Licensing

Creative Commons License
Contents authored by Les Phillips are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Exception – Occasionally, I use the works of others that are covered by traditional copyright. In such cases, the original author is identified and must be contacted for use.

Commercial Use
Affordable licensing for commercial use is available.  Please contact me using the Comment Form .

Archival digital prints are available for purchase.  To do so, please contact me using the Comment Form .

Last Updated: 12/12/2017