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Redesigning Les-Phillips.com

It’s been a number years since I started this site and now it is time to make some changes.  I’ve kept my blog, Every Picture Tells a Story ,  added a second blog, an Educated Guess.

Every Picture Tells a Story
Every Picture is a blog with pictures and commentary. It’s my take on everyday life.

an Educated Guess
Guess is a blog where I go global, providing information and  commentary about issues facing the U.S. and the World.  Guess celebrates the written word.

Want to Purchase an Image?  
To purchase an image for personal display, please contact me using the Comment, Licensing Form .

Copy Right / Licensing   
I offer three types of licensing for the public use of images and text:

  • Students and Teachers are free to use my images and text so long it is in an educational, non-commercial manner.
  • Non-Profit organizations may purchase an individualized license of at a reduced price.
  • Commercial organizations may purchase an individualized license.

For more details see Copy Right / Licensing  .


Last Updated: 03/10/2016